Lumber companies have existed for hundreds of years, and are often given a bad reputation. Many consumers believe that lumber companies are bad for forests, woods, and other natural habitats. But in reality, lumber companies do not deplete the Earth’s resources. Modern lumber companies take a much more green approach to logging, offering several recycling options and learning how to reuse wood for different projects. Timber and lumber can be used in a variety of ways, and they can help keep other resources green as well. If you’re in the business of selling lumber, veneers, laminates, timber, and more, these core values and tips of being a green lumber company are a must-read.


Buying Replant Wood Can Save

If you’re a modern lumber company, you can buy your wood from select timber companies that work in replant forests. These timber companies will actually replant their wood, growing their own trees in designated farms. That way, they are not contributing to the disaster of deforestation, and they are creating a sustainable business by reusing each plot of soil. Timber companies create their own tree farms to be reused time and time again, and they can sell you timber for a cost-effective option.
Another valuable option for green lumber companies is to buy timber and wood from companies that sell dying tree parts. Trees that are dying will already be discarded anyway, so it can be useful to claim this wood and put it to good use. The wood can be good for scraps, reclaimed furniture, and other useful projects.

Green Laminates Exist

Laminates, in the traditional sense, are not made using green methods. Laminate and vinyl wood flooring can hurt the environment to make. However, you can achieve a green hardwood floor project by buying from companies that produce a laminate with greener materials. Nowadays, many different types of hardwood flooring – whether it’s bamboo, oak, cherry, pecan, or more, can be made from sustainably harvested, reclaimed, or recycled resources. These reused materials are much less harsh on the environment and can help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Lumber Veneers

Veneer lumber is typically made from engineered wood practices, using thin layers of wood and many adhesives that are not environmentally friendly. However, more and more modern lumber companies are thinking of new ways to make veneers that don’t do as much damage to the environment. Much like laminates and timber, veneers can be made with recycled and reclaimed wooden resources and can be put together using adhesives that do not contain as many damaging chemicals.

Lumber veneers

Green Lumber is the Future

By employing modern and safe environmental practices, you can ensure that your lumber company can stay green and still turn a profit. These core values of being a green lumber company will help your company be more sustainable in the long run. By receiving timber, lumber, veneers, and laminates from reclaimed wood, you are using safe practices that do not cause deforestation. With recycled wood, replant facilities, and discarded timber uses on the rise, it is proof that green lumber companies are the path to a sustainable future.