Every year millions of cubic metes of wood is used in construction, furniture, flooring, creating musical instrument, sports equipment, etc. Properties of the wood differ depending on what wood species are used. The difference between species is seen in color, water resistance, hardness, flexibility, ability to carry a load and other. Here is a list of the most popular wood harvested in the USA

Oak tree lumber

1. OAK tree

Oak tree (the mighty oak) was selected as the official national tree of the United States in 2004. The tree can be found in almost every State in the U.S. There are roughly 60 wood species of the oak tree in the United States. The different species can be categorized into white and red oak. The tree is recognized for its excellent shade, high-quality lumber, and beauty.

Properties: The Oak tree grows well in hot and humid climates. Oak trees are harvested after they reach a height of roughly 45 meters. The oak wood species is strong, thick, and light colored hardwood. The oak wood has a coarse texture and fine grain due to its outstanding rings and large pores.

Uses: Oak Wood is used to craft American designs. Also, the Oak is used for Gothic and William & Mary designs as well as other contemporary crafting designs.


Mahogany is a tropical hardwood tree found in South and Central America. There are various grades and wood species which vary in term of quality and price.

Properties: Mahogany is believed to be the strongest, hardest and best quality wood. Mahogany wood tends to be brown in color and may exhibit stripe, ribbon, rope ripple, or blister figures. It takes about 25 years for mahogany trees to be harvested

Use: Mahogany is an essential lumber highly prized wood for its durability, beauty, and unique color. It’s used for crafting Georgian, Federal and Empire furniture. Additionally, the wood makes excellent wood carvings, musical instruments, and boats.

3.Maple Tree

There are five common maple wood species in the U.S. These species include red maple, sugar maple, and hard rock maple.

Properties: The hard and resistant properties of maple make it ideal for creating bowling alley floors. The wood has a fine texture and even grain due to its evenly sized pores. Maple wood with curly grains is usually used to design violin backs.

Uses: American colonial furniture is made from maple wood. Also, the wood can be stained to produce cherry wood.

4.Walnut tree

Walnut is the most popular hardwood tree in North America.

Properties: The wood color ranges from light to dark chocolate brown with wavy grain on the roots. The relatively thick wood is hard, strong and durable. It boasts of amazing woodworking qualities and excellent finishes.

Uses: The easy to carve and smooth walnut wood is used to make elegant cabinets.

Lumber Jacks

5.Cherry Tree

The cherry tree also referred to as fruitwood can be found in the Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon and the California States.

The Japan gave 3,020 cherry trees to the United States as a gift of friendship. The First lady planted the first two cherry trees at the bank of the Tidal Basin. The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the 1912 gifts of cherry trees and marks the lasting friendship between Japan and the U.S. This festival has made the Cherry Tree famous across the United States.

Properties: Cherry tree tends to be moderately hard and reddish-brown in color. The straight-grained, durable, and light-weight wood is easy to polish, and carve cherry wood.

Uses: there is a high demand for cherry lumber which is used to make cabinets and furniture. Additionally, the Cherry wood species is used for wall paneling, handles, toys, interior trim, flooring, and veneers.